Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm going to Japan!

I'm going to Japan from the 14th to the 20th of December!
Whoa, I really cannot wait for the Lizlisas and the Popteens and the Diamond Lashes.. :D
Where are you guys going for the holidays!
I can't wait to get my wc Kumatan stockings. They look really awesome!
And even though my blog has very few views and I feel like I'm blogging to no one..
This blog is quite new and I will continue blogging, striving! :D
This is also a Liz Lisa piece that I fancy, quite alot! Although it's not being fancied in Japan. O.O

Love the cancan like hat too!
Oh well, I just started, right! It's okay, I'll continue sharing the love for Japanese fashion to everyone! Actually I really like this

Ah, it seems like a break from flower prints~! I like this English-style looking dress.. Nice~!
Since I'm going to Japan, I'm definitely getting this if it's in stores!
Well, I'll be back to blog again soon so..

BYE! Have a good night.

xx Strawberry. :)

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