Saturday, November 6, 2010

#5: Recent preorders!

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying a happy November! Well this time last year, I would have been in Japan~! Times flies so quickly (TT), I wish I could go back to Japan again! Well I'm only 14, and there's no way I can go back to Japan myself. If I go back, I think I will go mad and grab everything off the shelves (provided I have the money :P) Well well, I'm wondering, if any of you will preorder or grab a copy of Kumicky's new pictorial? www. Well, I'm broke (TT) from all the preorders and magazines!

Well, who cares. I'll get it no matter what. :P

On to my recent buys!
Left: Dolly Face. Right: Princess Face
 Diamond Beauty's Diamond Puff!
Hahaha! www. I preordered this to try, as I don't see many people trying this. :O
I ordered Princess face, because I like Satomi more. www!
There are hardly any reviews on this puff (TT), so I couldn't decide on which but to just pick Satomi. :P
It retails for JPY 1575, and I got it for around SGD 30!
Dolly Face is said to tighten pores, and it's super matt!
It also contains Hyaluronic acid extract, the main ingredient in the famous Hada Labo hydrating lotion. :)
Princess Face is said to be semi matt, with pearl powder.
It relieves dry skin, covers scars, and gives a transparent feel.
Sounds amazing, no? (^^)
Kumatan as cute as ever!
All hail the almight wc! (Water closet :P)
I'm very into raglan tees nowadays, so this immediately caught my eye!
I just ordered it, mmmm! wwww.
It's retailing for JPY 4410! :)

The last item I got is the Rilakkuma earpiece, which I'm most probably receiving on Monday or Tuesday.
Will take live pics and upload once they reach! *excited*
Have a good day! ^^~


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