Friday, November 5, 2010

#4: DollyWink + Popteen!

Hello everyone!
How's life? :P
Well, I got my Dollywink No.1, pencil eyeliner, and eyelash case a few days ago. (And Popteen!)
Dollywink! www (Pencil eyeliner (black), Eyelash No. 1, and eyelash case!)

Dollywink No.1 is really different from the No.3 I have :O

The eyelash case!

The pencil eyeliner is really creamy. :)
The eyelash case with my screwed pair of Dollywink No.3 inside!
Total haul :O

Popteen December 2010! (The cover is really light!)
 Well.. I am VERY Mizukitty-biased. :P

Mizukitty's update for the month!

This hairstyle really suits her! wwww

Tsubasa's AngelColor advertisement!

Kumicky's book (releasing on 11/18)! This is the cover! www

Upcoming Cosmagic range produced by Kumicky!

Mizukitty as Hellokitty! ww

There's this 16 page book-like insert ALL about Okarie!

Mizukitty's top 5 looks!

Replenished my Candydoll mineral powder!

The Dollywink lashes I have! (Left, No.1 ; Right, No.3) 
 Oh well, since this post is so picture heavy (TT), I will post my recent preorders in another post!

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