Sunday, October 31, 2010

#x: Sales post! :P

Strawberry's 1st post! O.O

I'm selling a Liz Lisa knitted fur hat that I don't suit.. (T▽T)
It's really pretty though, and retailing for ¥4095 (approximately SGD 66/ USD 51) at Liz Lisa Twinkle!
I'm selling it only at SGD 60, and it's is never used before! (I don't use hats, I hate flat hair!) 

Some pictures..  

Yup! (^_^) It's is this hat! I will be uploading live pictures of it tomorrow! (My camera is down.. TT)
Please email if you're interested! Thanks! ωωωωωω 


**Updated pictures! :D

The pictures are not taken from a very good angle TT.. will update again soon. :)

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