Sunday, October 31, 2010

#1: We talk about Strawberries!

Hello! Strawberry here! :O
Happy Halloweeeeeen! ωωωω

 Today it's really stuffy in Singapore, dying!
But the thought that December issue of Popteen will be out tomorrow...
Kyaa~! I can't wait. :B I want to rush down to Kinokuniya to get mine!

Well, my favourite Popteen model for now is Mizuki Nishikawa (Mizukitty)!
Well it says in the 30th Anniversary Issue (November 2010) that her debut issue is June 2010..
And she is already the 2nd most favorite Pop model! (Behind Kumicky :P)
But she's really pretty!

Some pics..
In this picture she has the usual "Kumicky bangs" :P I like her eye makeup here, not too overdone!
Mizuki with Hikari (another of my favorite)!

Who'll be getting their December Popteen tomorrow?
And I have a new love, Rilakkuma! I chanced upon this pair of earphones from!
So cute!! ωωωω
Kya. :P And I will be getting my DollyWink eyelash case and eyeliner tomorrow! ωω
Happy much!
Mm, I was thinking.. who will buy DollyWink's mascara once it debuts?
And I'm thinking of getting the Melliesh liner set! But I don't see it anywhere! D:
I guess I'll have to keep searching, finding and trying ωωω

*prays hard that Mizukitty gets on the cover of the next Popteen*
I really hope that Mizukitty can be on the cover alone! :B *prays*!

Have a good night!

Strawberry. ω

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